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Get to know our 2017 FPI Faculty

John Lennox is Professor of Pure Mathematics & Philosophy of Science at Green-Templeton College, Oxford University. A former student of C.S. Lewis, Professor Lennox is arguably the greatest Christian apologist of our time. Many will remember his able defense of the Christian faith in the 2007 Fixed Point Foundation debate with atheist Richard Dawkins. Since then, he has successfully debated many other prominent “New Atheists” all over the world. Others will have heard him speaking on campuses from Harvard to UCLA or, perhaps, on radio with Ravi Zacharias. A silver-tongued Irishman, Professor Lennox is a brilliant, utterly captivating communicator who has the unique ability to combine his formidable academic background – he possesses Ph.D.s from Oxford, Cambridge, and the University of Wales – with a profound theological depth, thus giving audiences a greater understanding of the world and the times we live in.

Jay Smith was born in India to Christian missionaries and is uniquely qualified to understand and address the differences between Christian and Islamic cultures. He has been a full-time missionary since 1983, focusing on polemics/apologetics among the Muslims of London, England. Smith can be found most Sundays speaking in the open-air free speech area of Hyde Park. He earned his BA from Messiah College, his MDiv from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and his ThM in Missiology (with an emphasis in Islam) from Fuller Theological Seminary. We have personally observed Jay in his debates and Fixed Point’s Larry Taunton has also debated with him (against Muslims) in Hyde Park. Students will find Jay’s insights both useful to your faith and fascinating.

Larry Alex Taunton is an American author, columnist, and cultural commentator. A frequent television and radio guest, he has appeared on CNN, CNN International, Fox News, Al Jazeera America, and BBC. You can find his columns on issues of faith and culture in The Atlantic, USA Today,, and The Blaze. Mr. Taunton has been quoted by Rush Limbaugh, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, TIME, Vanity Fair, and NPR, among others. He is the author of The Grace Effect and The Faith of Christopher Hitchens. Mr. Taunton is also the founder and executive director of the Fixed Point Foundation. In that role he has debated such high profile atheists as Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, and Michael Shermer as well as Muslim cleric Zaid Shakir. He has organized or chaired debates on science, religion, and ethics at Trinity College, Oxford University; The Edinburgh International Festival; the Melbourne Town Hall in Melbourne, Australia; Princeton University; and the Oxford Museum of Natural History. Taunton was born at Fort Benning, Georgia. He currently divides his time between the United States and Europe.

Jwan Zhumbes is the Anglican Bishop of Bukuru, Nigeria. He possesses degrees in education, theology, and New Testament from Ahmadu Bello University, the Christian Institute of Jos, the Theological College of Northern Nigeria, and the University of Nigeria. Christians in his diocese have been repeatedly murdered and harassed by the Fulani Herdsman militia and the Boko Haram. Bishop Zhumbes will offer American students a global perspective on Christianity and an eyewitness account of Islamic extremism.

Soula Parassidis is a Canadian soprano whose unique timbre and glamorous stage presence have delighted audiences and critics since her 2009 debut. She has performed with the Taipei Symphony, the Berlin Philharmonie, the Theatre Athenée Paris, and the Berliner Waldbühne among others. Born to a Greek father and Irish mother, Soula grew up in Vancouver, Canada and studied at the Vancouver Academy of Music. Soula became a Christian six years ago. She and her husband, Norman Reinhardt, are two of our favorite people. FPI students will love her, too.

Norman Reinhardt is one of the leading lyric tenors of his generation. He most recently triumphed in his Viennese debut as Arturo in La straniera at Theater an der Wien. A graduate of the prestigious Houston Grand Opera Young Artist Studio, Norman has also appeared in leading roles throughout Europe and America. Here’s the surprising bit: Norman is a native of Hickory, North Carolina, is the son of an evangelical minister, and is a fan of Duck Dynasty. Massively talented, he and his wife, Soula, love Fixed Point and are excited to give FPI students a Christian perspective on the performing arts.

David Glass is a member of the Computer Science Research Institute at the University of Ulster. He possesses a BA in pure and applied mathematics, an MA in philosophy, and a Ph.D. in theoretical atomic physics from Queen’s University. In his book Atheism’s New Clothes: Exploring and Exposing the Claims of the New Atheists, Dr. Glass argues that science, far from undermining belief in God, provides some of the best reasons for such belief. He will share some of those reasons with us.

Taylor Robinson is the owner and a director for Six Foot Five Productions, a Birmingham-based film and video production company. He is also one of the co-creators and hosts of a thriving live storytelling event called Arc Stories. Whether it is advertising or entertainment, Taylor has honed a deep understanding of how to take the raw, seemingly disparate elements of a great story and massage them into emotionally moving and inspiring narrative works of art. Taylor and his wife Tiffany live in Birmingham with their two children.

Dr. Erika Moore is Academic Dean at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, PA where she also serves as Professor of Biblical Studies and Hebrew. She has co-authored The Psalms as Christian Worship and The Psalms as Christian Lament with Bruce Waltke and James Houston and contributed to The Everyday Study Bible, The Woman’s Study Bible, The New Dictionary of Apologetics and others. Dr. Moore is currently working on a commentary on Ezekiel for Tyndale Press.

C.L. Bryant is a former chairman of the NAACP in Garland, Texas but left the organization over the issue of abortion. In 2012, C.L. produced and released the independent film documentary, Runaway Slave, “a movie about the race to free the Black community from the slavery of tyranny and progressive policies.” C.L. is a senior fellow of Freedom Works in Washington D.C., radio host, and electrifying speaker.

Roland Bernard was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. A gifted athlete, he was fortunate enough to pursue his dream of playing professional rugby both at a provincial and national level. It was in this capacity that he twice met Nelson Mandela. In addition to playing for the South African national team, he also played for France. It was there, ironically, where Roland encountered God during a very difficult time in his life. He currently lives in Bordeaux and is soon to be married. He is passionate about Jesus and seeks any opportunity to advance God’s Kingdom. (Students love him, too.)