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"Most of what is counted as 'apologetics' is stuck in the Christian subculture. What makes Fixed Point unique is that they have managed to break free from a traditional model and take a confident Christianity into the world."

- Dinesh D'Souza
Bestselling author & cultural commentator

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Passing the Torch

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According to statistics, six in ten youth will leave the church by the time they are adults. Christian parents and their churches are losing the future of American Christianity and, worse, they seem helpless to stop the exodus. For a full year, Larry Alex Taunton—author, columnist, and executive director of the Fixed Point Foundation—interviewed students across the country to better understand their complaints and concerns. What they discovered might surprise you. On Tuesday November 18th, Larry and Rick Burgess (of the nationally syndicated and hugely popular “Rick and Bubba Show”) will discuss these findings, the challenges of parenting in a culture that is increasingly hostile to Christian belief, and will offer practical winning strategies for passing the torch of faith to the next generation. Join them on November 18th at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL from 7-9 pm. Childcare available by registration.

Jesus Was No Sissy

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Ever notice how most depictions of Jesus, whether it is in art, film, or literary descriptions - even the ones that are meant to be complimentary - come off as a bit effeminate? That’s because the American church, following the pattern of American culture, has been feminized. Men are leaving the church in large numbers. Those that remain are often uninterested and detached. In this Bible study for men we are exploring the manly virtues that Jesus exemplified in his ministry: honor, strength of character, determination, and the courage to fight.

Shermer-Taunton Debate

Shermer-Taunton Debate

Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine and the Skeptics Society will square off with Larry Taunton of Fixed Point Foundation in April 2015.  Mark your calendars!  More info coming soon.