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"Here equipping the body is not an afterthought, it is the mission. How gloriously counter-cultural!"

- Dr. Paul F. M. Zahl

Old Testament Violence

Old Testament ViolenceFixed Point has never been about avoiding the tough questions, so we've taken on one of the most difficult subjects when it comes to the Bible: How do we understand Old Testament violence?  It's a serious topic that defies simple, trite, or dismissive answers.  Is this utterly indefensible ground, or could it be that we need to know our Bibles better?

This new resource provides some principles that are helpful in processing these jarring events and the reasons behind them.

The Fixed Point FIX

The FixWelcome to the Fixed Point FIX: a central hub for relevant news, video, books, film, & more.  Do you feel a disconnect between your spiritual interests and daily experience?  Are you tired of how much internet real estate is dedicated to trivial and irrelevant information?  More importantly, do you struggle engaging coworkers and acquaintances on topics that naturally bridge the sacred and secular?

Enter the FIX - a one-stop resource for thought-provoking content.  Stop by, get your fix, and start a meaningful conversation.

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God on Trial Study Guide <  click to download
Can Atheism Save Europe? Study Guide <  click to download
Has Science Buried God? Study Guide <  click to download
Is God Great? Study Guide <  click to download
God or No God? Study Guide <  click to download
Science and the God Question Study Guide <  click to download

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From the FIX

Family Not a Priority for Millennials

Marriage and family have been the bedrock of civilization for...ever? But new data from Pew Forum suggests, disturbingly, that the Millennial generation isn't sold the importance of these institutions. Could this be the true...

Belief in Satan on the Rise

Back in October of 2013, we commented on Supreme Court Justice Scalia's stated belief (to the media's feigned surprise) in the Devil. Now, Brandon Ambrosino notes that, according to Gallup polls, belief in Satan among Americans...

Hobby Lobby Wins. Now What?

The Hobby Lobby decision is out, and religious individuals in the United States can rest a little easier--orthodox Christians, in particular. With Justice Alito writing, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that closely held corporations...