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Fixed Point is confronting Islam and secularism on a digital media platform. While many good websites seek to teach Christian theology and Christian Living to Christians, Fixed Point casts a wider net focusing our content on an audience of non-believers (primarily Muslims and secularists). We have found, however, that our unique approach has equipped Christians around the world in both developed and undeveloped nations to share the Gospel with their neighbors and to refute the lies of our Enemy.

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You are Supporting a Conviction:

“The consequences of sin are so deep, so far-reaching, so permanent, that nothing short of the death of Jesus Christ could be enough.” – Sarah Foster, Fixed Point’s London-Based Islamic Researcher

You are Supporting an Argument:

“If evangelicals would find their voices, their courage… We would see a Great Awakening in America. Indeed, we would see America become truly great again rather than superficially so.” – Larry Taunton, Fixed Point’s Executive Director

You are Supporting a Strategy:

What the printing press did for the Reformation, digital media could do for America’s Third Great Awakening. All Luther and Calvin needed to change the culture was a means to get their arguments in front of the masses. The same is true today.

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