To most of you familiar with Fixed Point’s work, John Lennox is a familiar face, and rightfully so. An Oxford professor and mathematician with three doctorates who still manages to be personable, relatable, and firmly grounded and public with his Christianity is not a person to be taken lightly. Indeed, after his compelling debates with and publications against the New Atheists, some have even compared him to C.S. Lewis.  But how familiar are you with him outside of a debate context?

This Washington Times Communities article from Amanda Read takes a look at Lennox’s recent work, but also examines the way in which he goes about doing that work. Taken from an interview where Read had the opportunity to sit down with Lennox, this piece may give you at least a glimpse into the depth of Lennox’s background and the way that he has become one Christianity’s leading voices in academia.

Image Credit: Anna Lutz