Since our Tim Tebow article went live in USA Today on December 2nd, it has been recommended on Facebook over 37,000 times, received hundreds of comments, been tweeted over 2,000 times, and generated an energetic live discussion. More than that, Rush Limbaugh read the full text of the article to his audience of nearly fifteen million. In other words, the article has generated some very significant dialogue.

But even more importantly, it’s generated discussion on the right issues – the Christianity that defines Tebow and, more generally, the role of faith in public life. We have said a number of times that a purely private faith is an irrelevant faith, and if the comments and discussion surrounding this article are any indicator, that is precisely what many people want to do – privatize religion. Tebow is simply one example of a person who has refused to bow to the cultural pressure to do just that, and hopefully is an example others can learn from.