When Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was removed from power in early 2011, ecstatic Western commentators wasted no time in declaring that the Middle East was now entering a new, better, and enlightened era – an “Arab Spring,”as they called it. As we cautioned in May 2011 (and then again in January 2012), though, all of the gushing over democracy in the Middle East conveniently ignored the Islamist foundations behind Egypt’s revolutions – foundations that would not usher in a new era of enlightenment, but might ring in a new era of terror for Egypt’s Christians and other religious minorities. Two years later, democracy appears to have had its day in Egypt, and now the Coptic lights of Egypt’s Christians are rapidly being extinguished as the darkness of the Islamic Night descends.

We will offer this NRO article from Rich Lowry for your consideration with little additional commentary. But as Egypt’s Christians fight for their very survival, be sure to pray for all of them daily, seek other ways to support them, and learn the lesson that popular governments and revolutions can be every bit as sinister as imperial ones.