How sad and frustrating it must be to realize that people around the world are rejecting your most deeply held convictions. When you devote your life to promoting a worldview and win few converts, it can cause you to lash out in unbecoming ways, damage your witness, and ultimately alienate the very people you hope to reach.

Over at Religion News Service, Jacob Lupfer writes of Richard Dawkins’s waning relevance and diminishing contribution to the cultural discussion of faith and science.

It’s a funny thing, really. Dawkins originally made a name for himself precisely because of his aggressive, vitriolic criticism of religion; atheists saw Dawkins as their man to both secure them a place at the cultural table and take religion’s away from it. The media, likewise, was fascinated with his scorn.

But Dawkins’s novelty has since faded, as most thoughtful people have simply tired of his ceaselessly angry tone. And he has, in many ways, grown increasingly more shrill. Dawkins’s colleagues see him as an embarrassment, thoroughly secular news sources are distinguishing their secularism from his, and even many atheists now see Dawkins as too reactionary or just downright uncivil. Atheism, they say, needs a new face. But we’ve heard that before: wasn’t that what Dawkins (and his other “New Atheist” cronies) set out to do in the first place?

All that aside, we’ve always thought Dawkins’s “Memes vs Genes” song surely put the nail in the coffin. Enjoy:

Image Credit: Moshe Reuveni