North Korea’s Christians, Infinity War, Karl Marx: The Intersect

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Spoiler alert: One reviewer argues that Avengers: Infinity War is a Good Friday movie – “and Sunday is coming.”

Yes, California is on the verge of banning some Christian books with Assembly Bill 2943. Here’s how.

Hair trigger: A US Army soldier who worships Thor, the Norse god of thunder, got permission to keep his beard.


North Korea’s secret Christians: South Koreans are transmitting the Gospel to the adamantly atheist country using thousands of illicit radios smuggled over the border.

All the lonely people: A nationwide survey finds that loneliness is widespread in America – and the younger an adult you are, the more likely you are to be lonely.

The ‘story’ that replaced Christianity is collapsing. “The emptiness and pointlessness of the modern narrative begs for questions.” It’s time for Christians to start telling a better story again.


After 108 years, the Boy Scouts are no longer the Boy Scouts. “Girl Scout leaders said they were blindsided by the move, and they are gearing up an aggressive campaign to recruit and retain girls as members.”

Tomorrow marks the 200th birthday of one of history’s worst human beings: Karl Marx. While The New York Times published a celebratory tribute, this is far more accurate: “Happy birthday, Karl Marx: We could have done without the millions dead.”

How a prom dress helped reveal rot in the American soul: When Keziah Daum posted her prom pictures online, she had no idea the “cultural-appropriation” police would come after her.