Napalm Girl, Miracle Boy, Treadmill atonement: The Intersect

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“These bombs led me to Christ.” The “Napalm Girl” from a famous Vietnam War photo tells her incredible story of coming to faith.

‘Miracle Boy’: A 13-year-old Alabama boy awoke from a coma after his parents prepared to donate his organs. “God’s got something big planned for that little man.”

God and basketball: Boston Celtics player Semi Ojeleye really lives what he believes. Here’s an inspiring profile on the powerful witness of a rookie’s faith.


The happiest guy in the world? Meet Mario Salcedo, who’s spent the last 20 years as a full-time resident of Royal Caribbean cruise ships. “I wanna create my own little world, and I wanna be away from all the issues that come up with living on land.”

Google just unveiled an AI technology that pretends to be human and can make phone calls for you. It opens up enormous ethical issues that could affect the social fabric of our communities.

Did the dying Stephen Hawking really mean to strengthen the case for God? In his final paper on the multiverse hypothesis, the world’s best-known atheist made a supernatural creator more plausible.


Treadmills are torture devices. Literally. From JSTOR Daily: “Treadmills were meant to be atonement machines.”

A Christian college gone pagan: Here’s how Wellesley College consciously and systematically eliminated its founding principles for a “new” spiritualism.

Sometimes The Onion’s satire is spot-on: ‘We Can Have Differences Of Opinion And Still Respect Each Other,’ Says Betrayer Of The One True Cause

Image Credit: National Speakers Bureau