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“Last week saw one of the noblest acts of human courage in modern times.” French policeman Arnaud Beltrame gave his life to save others in a terrorist attack. Why? Christianity, writes Peter Hitchens.

An 18th century defense of Christianity revolutionized brain science. It also helped Alan Turing decode the German Enigma cipher, aided the US Navy in locating Soviet subs, and more.

Schools should teach Biblical literacy again. The loss of Biblical literacy in America leads to a loss of shared culture – but it wasn’t always this way, and it doesn’t have to be.


No, Easter wasn’t borrowed from a pagan holiday. How the New Atheists get their “Easter, Ishtar and Eostre” history wrong.

A university event aims to combat “Christian privilege.” The workshop teaches that Christians receive “unmerited perks” and is hosted by LGBT activist Timothy Kane.

White men are bad? Niall Ferguson writes against “the sexism of the anti-sexists and the racism of the anti-racists,” and how manliness isn’t the problem.

A pressing question for MLK50: Something happened in 7th century Arabia that led to one of the world’s most horrific slave trades – now forgotten. Why?


The Bible is disappearing from online bookstores in China. The Chinese government just pledged to protect religious freedom, but its crackdown on Christianity is evidently ramping up.

God and men and Jordan Peterson: Here’s what the meteoric rise of a popular psychologist and the young men who champion him say about today’s religious landscape.

More than half of churchgoers haven’t heard of the Great Commission. And age is a significant factor. That’s from a recent study by Barna.

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