George Clooney, Millennial socialism, Babylon Bee: The Intersect

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Witchcraft is making a comeback among US feminists. Here’s why a growing number of young women are being drawn to a new brand of witchcraft.

Why Millennials are socialists: 5 reasons the system appeals to younger Americans. (Hint: One of them is the demise of Christianity.)

There’s no such thing as moderate Marxism. From the outset, violence and totalitarianism were hard-wired into Marx’s political project.


Laughing matters: The founder of The Babylon Bee just announced he sold the wildly popular Christian satire site. He explains: “Why would I sell The Babylon Bee?”

“This could have been my grave.” While out for a jog, a woman discovered a baby buried alive. Twenty years later, they reunite.

Fertility frontier: Here’s an intriguing dive into the sobering moral complexities at the intersection of religion and runaway fertility technologies like IVF, which have turned such clinics into a $17 billion business.


The last will and testament of Billy Graham was released to the public. In it, he urges his family to defend the Gospel at any cost.

Dear Mr. Clooney: Here’s quite the read – An open letter to Mr. George Clooney on hate and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Ireland votes on the right to life today. A Dublin writer underscores the high stakes in this media-frenzied civil war over a matter of life and death.

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