Basketball nun, Christian rock’s founder, Amazon Go: The Intersect

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Sister Jean: How a 98-year-old nun became the hottest property in basketball. And her underdog team just made it to the Elite Eight.

Would the founder of Christian rock hate what it’s become? Paul McCartney of the Beatles once told Larry Norman, “You’d be a huge star if you’d shut up about religion.” He didn’t.

Wednesday was World Down Syndrome Day. But European moral complacency is facilitating a genocide, and America is playing catch-up in this horrific Down syndrome-elimination sweepstakes.


The lonely future of Amazon Go: Amazon’s new cashierless store is just the next step in the modern depersonalization of the world.

Has Twitter ruined the public intellectual? The world of ideas is under attack, and AEI president Arthur C. Brooks identifies the culprits.

Tech is not neutral. Tech is not inevitable. And most tech education doesn’t include ethical training. Here are 12 things everyone should understand about tech.


Japan’s prisons are a haven for elderly women. They commit minor crimes in order to escape solitude and find a meaningful existence.

Turkey wants to keep an American pastor behind bars for life. Officials say he’s being unjustly imprisoned under false charges as a pawn in a hostage negotiation.

There’s a remote Norwegian town where you’re not allowed to die. It’s been illegal since 1950. Here’s why.

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