Austin bomber, Incel movement, Ireland’s vote: The Intersect

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“Several years before embarking on a bombing spree that terrorized Austin, Mark Conditt had turned against his family’s devout Christianity and declared himself an atheist.” Here’s a fascinating profile of the Austin bomber.

The recent Toronto massacre brought the Incel (“involuntary celibate”) movement to center stage. Kevin D. Williamson has some unexpected advice for its followers: Join a church. Here’s why.

Indonesia’s new suicide bomb threat: parents with children. A wave of deadly church attacks in the world’s largest Muslim nation targeted Christian worshippers in an ominous way.


Outrage! Here’s how the architecture of social media exploits our moral emotions to reap a profit.

“‘Transparency’ is the mother of fake news.” In the NY Times, one author dismantles the utopian fantasy of technophiles: the doctrine that total freedom of information is all we need. It’s an insightful commentary on human nature.

Motherhood is not a gender stereotype – it’s science. In the wake of Mother’s Day, a leading family scholar unpacks contemporary research on why moms matter.


Introducing the pain-pleasure worldview: How the West is moving from a guilt-innocence culture (motivated by right vs wrong) to something altogether different.

A giant leap backwards: What Ireland’s upcoming vote on the abortion referendum means for them and us.

Barna’s latest study shows a growing number of Christians don’t see sharing the Good News as a personal responsibility. So who’s responsibility do they think it is?

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