A Quiet Place, “theybies,” Facebook on trial: The Intersect

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‘A Quiet Place’ and the horror of parenting: The hit horror movie is a story about protecting children from the demonic. “It is one of the most implicitly Christian movies I have seen, though no reviewer seems to have noticed.”

A new Lord of the Rings book is out this year. J.R.R. Tolkien wrote The Fall of Gondolin while recovering from WWI’s largest battle.

Secular fairy tales: A new study demonstrates how atheists have a hunger for meaning in life that their worldview can’t satisfy without self-contradiction.


Mark Zuckerberg struggled to define hate speech. Senator Ben Sasse may have asked the most pointed question of Facebook’s CEO at this week’s hearing. His answer was revealing.

Fired: The Atlantic’s sudden ousting of Kevin Williamson further blinds abortion advocates to their own lethal extremism.

The Amazon River is now officially a “person.” The Colombian Supreme Court granted it the same legal rights as a human being. Why that matters.


“It’s a theyby!” Some parents are trying to raise their children with no consciousness of gender at all. And they expect the world to affirm their ideology.

No salvation through overstimulation: Generation Z is already bored by the internet. Teens open up about the mind-numbing effects of being “phone bored.”

Worldview collision: a case study. A California bill redefines human life in order to punish and silence non-conforming viewpoints – all in the name of psychological “science.”

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