Here’s a funny but deadly accurate piece of satire from The Onion: “College Encourages Lively Exchange of Idea.” The article hits head-on the ironic twist that liberal education has taken in our country – stifling dissenting opinions under the false mantra of tolerance and open-mindedness:

‘As an institution of higher learning, we recognize that it’s inevitable that certain contentious topics will come up from time to time, and when they do, we want to create an atmosphere where both students and faculty feel comfortable voicing a single homogeneous opinion,’ said [university president] Abrams.

The last line, even, perhaps hits too close to home:

Abrams told reporters that counseling resources were available for any student made uncomfortable by the viewpoint.

If it seems like an exaggeration, read Devorah Goldman’s insightful story in The Weekly Standard of her time spent at a school of social work in which she was threatened into silence for expressing different opinions in the classroom. Her article’s title, of course, is a reference to Allan Bloom’s classic work on the same subject, The Closing of the American Mind.

Image Credit: tanakawho