This week brings big news for atheists: Richard Dawkins and his foundation are merging with the U.S.-based Center for Inquiry. Kimberly Winston of RNS gives the scoop:

It’s like a royal wedding in the small world of atheist organizations. […] The new organization will retain the Center for Inquiry name, while giving a seat on its board to Richard Dawkins.

This bizarre union of unbelief makes CFI the so-called “largest reason-based organization in the U.S.” Heading up the CFI is the former executive director of the Richard Dawkins Foundation, Robyn Blumner. She now has over $6 million at her disposal for the furtherance of the CFI’s cause (which godless fans can support by buying one of their “Heresy Makes for Progress” t-shirts).

Along with her article, Winston tweeted this:

We thought the same. How well will Dawkins represent CFI? Only time will tell. CFI’s director of communications, Paul Fidalgo, anticipates this: “He can and will speak for himself on occasion… and not necessarily for CFI.” Given Dawkins’s provocative remarks about women, date rape, and Down Syndrome babies, an early disclaimer is probably a smart move.

While such an alliance over a shared non-belief might deserve a chuckle (even the late Christopher Hitchens conceded that “atheism is nothing in itself”), Christians should take note that atheists are mobilizing to this degree. They’re thinking strategically and proactively seeking to strengthen their foothold in the culture. It’s time to wake up and engage the opposition.

Image Credit: Thomas Hawk