Paul McCartney, Stephen King, Nigerian genocide: The Intersect

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Here’s a combo you never saw coming: A thought-provoking reflection on Paul McCartney’s ‘Carpool Karaoke,’ C.S. Lewis, the power of music, and spiritual longing.

Stephen King, “America’s dark theologian,” wrestles with the Divine: Here’s how the bestselling horror writer’s stories don’t shy away from belief in things unseen. (Reminds us of his comments from a few years ago on God, intelligent design, and atheism.)

Tennis superstar Venus Williams talks C.S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia, and putting God first in a surprising interview about the things that have made the biggest impact on her life and career.


“Pure genocide”: This year, over 6,000 Nigerian Christians have been slaughtered by Muslim herdsmen in what the country’s church leaders are condemning as “ethnic cleansing.”

Silenced: He told the truth about Muslims massacring Christians in Nigeria and urged the Nigerian president to act. Twitter locked his account.

‘Please make comfortable’: An estimated 650 patients at an English hospital had their lives “shortened,” and it’s taken 20 years to get to the bottom of the scandal. And still no one has been charged with a crime.


Will the Turkish government release imprisoned American pastor Andrew Brunson in a few weeks? One Turkish newspaper thinks so. Here’s why.

The 10 Commandments of Progressive Christianity: In an excellent series, here’s #5: Are questions more important than answers?

The pronoun wars, revisited: This week, the Episcopal Church debates whether to overhaul its Book of Common Prayer to make God gender-neutral.

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