Here is a surprisingly articulate piece published today in the New Statesman by Richard Dawkins. I say this is surprising because Dawkins is certainly not known for his nuanced treatment of religion (and this article leaves much to be desired in that field), but he has finally acknowledged that religion has possibly contributed something worthwhile to society! Imagine that. This is not to say that he’s suddenly become religious or even that he has decided religion has a valuable role in society today, but in his discussion of traditions and Biblical literary allusions, he has at least acknowledged what has been obvious to almost everyone else for centuries – Christianity has contributed vastly to Western culture.

Of course, in the second-to-last paragraph he still fails to grasp any of the complexities of theology or Biblical interpretation, and positively quotes Steven Pinker’s idiotic book, but it wouldn’t be a Richard Dawkins article without such throw away lines. And then, of course, Dawkins is on the wrong side of his exchange with David Cameron (Cameron is right – Dawkins comparing Jesus to Keynes does reveal the degree to which he just “doesn’t get it.”). All of this is to say that, written by anyone else, this article is fairly unremarkable; but given some of Dawkins’ positions and general vitriol, might this piece mark a further evolution in evolutionist’s thinking?