Parkland hero, Bill Murray, driverless ethics: The Intersect

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Courage amidst massacre: Aaron Feis, a football coach at MS Douglas High School, stepped in front of bullets to shield students. “He died the same way he lived – he put himself second.”

What did Jesus look like? And does it matter? “The appearance of Jesus matters because it cuts to the heart of his message.” What do you think?

Galileo was born in 1564 yesterday. Though secularists have rewritten his story as a parable of religion vs science, Galileo never considered himself out of line with Christianity.


“What if I spoke to everyone?” Bill Murray says it’s harder to be funny in a society increasingly fragmented by identity politics. His comments echo Jerry Seinfeld’s from a few years ago.

People aren’t yes-or-no answers. The way we answer people’s questions on complex social issues matters just as much as the answers we give.

Why are race relations deteriorating in America? It’s a tale of two worldviews, best reflected in MLK Jr’s Christianity and Ta-Nehisi Coates’s atheism. Here’s how the worldview that animated the civil rights movement is being replaced.


Middle-earth maps of the real world: Artist and Lord of the Rings fan Dan Bell is charting national parks in the iconic style of JRR Tolkien’s maps.

An immodest proposal: We don’t have to accept enslavement to our screens, says New York Times columnist Ross Douthat. Let’s ban porn.

Who decides the moral code of a driverless car? Philosophers are building ethical algorithms to determine how self-driving cars face moral conundrums.

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