Johnny Cash, Black Panther, Narnia: The Intersect

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Johnny Cash was born 86 years ago this week. Did you know he and Billy Graham were the best of friends, confidants, and fishing buddies?

‘Black Panther’ now ranks as the 17th highest US box office release of all time. What does its reception have to do with that of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia? Read this.

“An unlikely ally”: What is a secular atheist teaching evangelical Christian leaders, and why is he no longer hostile toward Christianity?


Speaking up: Britain’s top clergyman says Sharia law should never become part of the UK legal system since Islamic rules are incompatible with Britain’s laws and their Christian foundation.

“What happens if a shooter comes to my church?” Does “Thou shalt not kill” forbid returning fire? Here’s why Christians should prepare to defend themselves from mass shooters.

After 5 years, Wheaton College wins a huge court battle against the birth control mandate. Here’s what their victory means for religious freedom.


Is Christianity anti-science? Watch John Lennox respond to Christopher Hitchens’s claim that, thanks to the telescope and microscope, religion no longer offers an explanation of anything important.

Allah vs the Christian God: Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? Definitely not – and here’s a quick way to know the difference.

Has the Prophet Isaiah’s signature been discovered? A 2,700-year-old clay seal from Jerusalem may be the earliest reference to the prophet outside the Bible.

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