Football theology, Gerber’s winner, Bermuda’s decision: The Intersect

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Does God care about football? After the Philadelphia Eagles’ faith became a major focus of the Super Bowl post-game, it’s a question worth answering.

Yesterday marked the 66th Annual National Prayer Breakfast. President Trump spoke at the event, calling faith “central to American life and to liberty.”

12 Christian athletes to watch in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics: Read about the athletes who have spoken openly about God’s hand in their Olympic journeys.


He wasn’t joking: Canada’s prime minister interrupted a woman during Q&A to tell her to use the word “peoplekind” instead of “mankind.”

Bermuda became the world’s first territory to repeal gay marriage. Unsurprisingly, Bermuda’s daily newspaper tells a different story than most mainstream outlets.

The propoganda curriculum: California authorities have demanded LGBT-infused K-8 textbooks that out historical figures’ sexuality, often based on thin speculation.


Meet Lucas Warren: The first baby with Down syndrome to win Gerber Baby of the year. His charismatic smile won out of 140,000 entries.

The “last Christian monarch?” 66 years ago this week, Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne. And faith has become her message.

Looking for ancient African religion? Try Christianity. Beyoncé’s Lemonade album ignited new interest in African spirituality. Here’s how that religious imagination already anticipates Christ.