Football, whether it be Penn State or Tim Tebow, has spent an unusual amount of time in the larger national spotlight this season, and as such we have spent a great deal of time discussing some of these stories. All of these stories – particularly the Penn State scandal – raise questions about the centrality and power of sports figures in our culture, and the ways that fans may be blind to the crimes of their heroes. Of course, this blindness is not a feature unique to the sports world, only it is particularly noticeable there.

In that line of thought, here is a fun yet reflective article published recently on examining the how sports interacts with life and culture more generally. It does not take a particularly strong stance either positively or negatively, but it does raise some interesting questions about how deeply we should invest in our team loyalties.

What is a proper perspective on sports? How do we balance the amusement, entertainment, and social interaction that sports provides with the more serious concerns of life?