This is an article that desperately needed to be written: “Dear Media, Stop Trying to To Teach Christians Theology.”

It’s been a growing trend over the past year for journalists and newscasters to lecture us on what supposedly is and is not “Christian,” and it’s been increasingly frustrating to observe. In The Federalist, G. Shane Morris dissects the phenomenon fairly well, so we’ll let him do the talking: “What matters, and what the media can’t for the life of them seem to understand is this: We, as Christians, do not worship a generic God-of-the-philosophers, non-trinitarian, and infinitely customizable to various faiths.” Just read the article.

Ultimately, we need more individuals, like Morris, who have the courage to give authentic Christianity a voice instead of passively accepting the media’s redefinition of their faith. Until then, make no mistake: silence will be taken as affirmation.