According to ABC, Nepal is considering banning the severely disabled and the elderly from climbing Everest. For obvious reasons. But because of more politically correct nonsense, the Nepal government is now having to defend its decision after accusations of discrimination. Yes, you read that right.

Actually, it’s true: Nepal is discriminating, but discrimination isn’t always a bad thing. (Can anyone even say that anymore?) According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, to discriminate is to “recognize a distinction; differentiate.” Nepal is just as discriminatory as a roller-coaster health warning for people with heart conditions. Nepal is just as discriminatory as a doctor that won’t prescribe certain medicines to people for a particular health reason. This sort of discrimination could go by another name: common sense. It’s a wise, precautionary measure.

Honestly, it’d just be nice to see common sense make a comeback. Political correctness is always hungry, never satisfied, and, frankly, it’s just exhausting – like climbing Everest when you have absolutely no business doing so.

Image Credit: Olof Sundström