On several occasions we have had the opportunity to highlight the science/religion debate, and more specifically we have highlighted the absurdity of associating atheism with reason and science while associating Christianity with irrationality and mythology (see the Dawkins/Lennox Bundle and Science and the God Question for some of those discussions).

Still, it is a case worth revisiting and this article from James P. Mackey in the Irish Times does a good job of noting some of the scientific slight-of-hand that Richard Dawkins and his ilk must often play to make their arguments. Most powerfully, Mackey points out that modern science is increasingly pointing to the existence of mind before matter, and he reminds us not to confuse agency and mechanism as Dawkins so often does. Sometimes these simple, general concepts can be lost in the details of a discussion, and hence we must often come back to these issues as a way of finding our bearings again and pressing forward. This article accomplishes that admirably.