Updated 4/1/15 – As the ridiculous national debate over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) rages on – a debate made all the more ridiculous by the fact that nearly identical laws exist at both the federal level and in nearly half of all States (and are arguably mandated by the First Amendment) – we offer you a round up of insightful coverage on the topic:

The one piece of commentary that we will add to these views concerns the question of “why.” As others have noted, RFRAs have been around for over twenty years (over 200 if you count the First Amendment foundations of these laws) and have enjoyed nearly unwavering bipartisan support up until very recently. So what motivates the sudden change in tone, at least beyond the obvious point that these laws are now running afoul of a particular cultural agenda? What can RFRA opponents possibly hope to achieve in this fight?

The answer, we think, is “silence.” It seems beyond reason to believe that the opponents of RFRA actually believe that RFRA is going to usher in a new wave of “Jim Crow,” but by yelling loudly enough, they may well scare other States away from enacting similar conscience protections. David French came closest to hitting this point when he noted that “This [anti-Christian] bigotry has a purpose. It serves to demonize the last significant constituency standing in the way of sexual revolution radicalism.” The point, in other words, is not to win the current policy debate in Indiana — it is to weaken the position of Christians in all future debates. The point is not to win by logic, but simply to shout down and ostracize the opposition.

The legal and constitutional protections against such bullying remain intact for the moment, but the proponents of Sexual Anarchy have made their goal abundantly clear, and they will not be satiated by anything less than the Church’s unconditional surrender.  Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake about it: this is an open declaration of war on orthodox Christians.

Image Credit: vgm8383