Flannery O’Connor is arguably America’s greatest Christian writer. Her fiction forces readers to consider belief in God, the reality of evil, and our own moral backwardness. (Cormac McCarthy was hugely influenced by her work.) She once commented that the subject of her writing is “the action of grace in territory largely held by the devil.” It’s hard to find another writer of fiction that so effectively confronts the secular delusion that ‘God is dead’ than Flannery O’Connor.

Just a few days ago I was honored to speak with Dr. Jessicia Hooten Wilson, who has written extensively on the works of O’Connor, Fyodor Dostoevsky (another favorite of ours), and Walker Percy, and is currently preparing O’Connor’s final, unfinished novel for publication. Dr. Wilson unpacked O’Connor’s legacy and what her prophetic words say about ultimate truth in a secular world, our broken news cycle, why “Christian movies” are often so bad, how ethics need stories, and more.

Not familiar with O’Connor? No problem. This conversation gives a helpful overview before examining how her work is just as insightful and challenging today as it was half a century ago. Enjoy: