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The Grace Effect

a remarkable story of redemption by larry taunton

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"Seeking vainly to be a still center in a turning world, Fixed Point nonetheless succeeds in upholding a very high standard of fairness and care in the presentation of the issues."

- Christopher Hitchens
Atheist, journalist, & bestselling author

Order the Gay Marriage Debate DVD

Pre-order Gay Marriage: A Debate DVD

Fixed Point sponsored Gay Marriage: A Debate on Thursday, October 23rd in Birmingham, Alabama. Will Saletan, national correspondent for Slate Magazine, went head-to-head with Sherif Girgis, author of What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense. Order the DVD now. For our event media kit, click here.

The Fixed Point FIX

The FixWelcome to the Fixed Point FIX: a central hub for relevant news, video, books, film, & more.  Do you feel a disconnect between your spiritual interests and daily experience?  Are you tired of how much internet real estate is dedicated to trivial and irrelevant information?  More importantly, do you struggle engaging coworkers and acquaintances on topics that naturally bridge the sacred and secular?

Enter the FIX - a one-stop resource for thought-provoking content.  Stop by, get your fix, and start a meaningful conversation.

Free Debate Study Guides

Study Guides The God Delusion Debate Study Guide <  click to download
God on Trial Study Guide <  click to download
Can Atheism Save Europe? Study Guide <  click to download
Has Science Buried God? Study Guide <  click to download
Is God Great? Study Guide <  click to download
God or No God? Study Guide <  click to download
Science and the God Question Study Guide <  click to download

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From the FIX

On Pluralism, Truth, & France

Fixed Point Director Larry Taunton calls in from France, joining Frank Sontag on KKLA to discuss the cultural and spiritual climate of the country shortly after the Charlie Hebdo attack. Duration: 24 minutes [audio...

Breakfast with Peter Hitchens

Fixed Point Foundation's Executive Director, Larry Taunton, interviews UK journalist and Christian, Peter Hitchens, brother of the late atheist, Christopher Hitchens. Duration: 45 minutes [audio...

The Problem with Meaning

In the New York Times, David Brooks writes about the spiritual and intellectual poverty of "meaning." This is Brooks at his best: contrasting the rich, traditional understanding of a truly great life with its flabby contemporary...